How we choose IT technologies as a fresher

The IT industry in India is one of the biggest industry and being a fresher we have to choose the technology which should be best for our career growth. Now, the question is how we choose IT technology. Generally, people say that the choice of technology completely depends on your ‘interest’.  Well, according to me, it is not right to give the priority to the interest only. If you know that the particular technology is best for your career growth then you have to generate your interest in that technology.
Well, there are many options for you in which you can start your career like if your programming is good then you can go for the development. Software testing is also good technology. Digital marketing is also another option.
If you go in the field of development then there are many technologies. As the technologies are changing very quickly so the developers are forced to constantly update themselves with new technologies. But there are many technologies that software developers can use for a long time and Java is one of them.

I am also doing java training from career shiner institute in Noida. In starting I was not interested in Java. But on the other hand, I also know very well that java is best for my career growth. So I joined career shiner institute. Career shiner is the best java training institute. There are millions of Java developers in the world this lets you know the demand of java and its evolution in software development in future. Java is everywhere on all platforms and device and in all countries around the world. Java is object-oriented computer programming language. Millions of applications are developed in java every day. Java is still one of the most popular programming languages among developers. To learn java you should go:


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