How Java Technology is fruitful for my career?

Hello Buddies! This is my first blog. I am a fresher of Engineering of Computer Science. The most fascinating part of computers is that to actually come up with an idea and see it your hands and then be able to press a button and have it be in millions of peoples' hands. This is really amazing.  The first time I actually had something come up and say "hello world" and I made a computer do that, that was just astonishing. Coding, at first, starts out being very intimidating. But you kind of get the hang of it overtime. You can use technology to do anything you love. You could create your own apps, your own website, your own movies, etc., etc.  You can do that because with TECHNOLOGY comes POWER TO CREATE.
At the outset, you need to learn to know how to create. So, now you need to decide which technology you want to learn. Because there are ample of resources out there in market and deciding the technology that you want to learn based on just the quality and quantity of resources present there or which technology can give you best returns on investment can be quite confusing. But you have to come up with something for sure because when you make a decision you cannot make a wrong decision, the only wrong decision is the one that you don't make. The only wrong decision is indecision. Someone once said, "Biggest risk is not taking any risk at all". He was seven when he created Facebook. He was Mark Zuckerberg.
So, this is the point where JAVA comes into the picture. Today Java is the language of every programmer and you can also start learning Java for sure. Java is the best language that can be started with as it is very simple and easy to learn. Nobody in this world needs to have any pre-knowledge of C and C++ programming language. Most importantly, you are going to find Java in most of the companies as the developers are interested to code in Java because of the relative stability of the language as it is platform independent. Java is used in both software and web development. Java is an Open Source Code programming language and therefore helps to give good insight into the language. Some of the advantages of learning Java are as follows:
         Beginner friendliness: It is an easy to learn programming language and beginner friendly as well.
         Scalable: It is easy to maintain as it is a statically typed language. This means your code will have to be checked for errors before it can be built into an app. Therefore, it becomes easier to track down the errors. In return, it becomes easier to maintain as your program grows in size and complexity.
         Portability:  Java is highly portable language (the code written in Java can be moved from one computer system (platform) to another easily).
         Bigger size Java community: Java has 2nd largest StackOverflow community. Community size is important because the larger a programming language community is, the more support you'd be likely to get.
         Java programmers are in demand: Java language is the language of every programmer and thus, today, learning Java becomes the need of the hour.
Moreover, Android apps are also developed using Java since the Android Operating System runs on a Java language environment. So, learning Java opens up a broad way for development of android apps which are widely in demand these days.
Java is the language which is less challenging in the beginning but once you dive into the language you get to know that it is far more adventurous than any other programming language. Once you get hold of the language, it will become easy all the way and when you master Java, you will out to be an outstanding and versatile developer.

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