Coding is for Everyone (Career Shiner)

Hello buddies! This time I would like to start with a fun fact. Do you know, there are 7 billion people in the world but only 18.5 million of them can code. That's about 0.3% of the world's population. It's about one in every 378 people. That is a very small fraction of the amount of the people we have in the world.
We depend on computer software for almost everything we do. Computer technology is one of the only fields that I know of that connects every profession regardless of what you become in life. Today computer software is there in almost anything you name. It has revolutionized agriculture to education to medical science to everything that you can name. So as time goes on we become more and more dependent on technology.  So, if we don't have software developers we are essentially slowing down the progress that we make as a race.
I got to learn computer programming the best training institute in Noida, Career Shiner. After learning here, my aim to promote one simple thing, software innovation. So, now the million dollar question is what software innovation is?  There are two parts to it - one is writing computer code to build software, then other more difficult one, is to innovate and and find solutions to our problems. The software innovation as a whole is building new software that can solve our problems. So I think that's what technology is about. It's about helping people. It's not about being the next Mark Zuckerberg or being the next billionaire, it is about building things that solve our problems and that takes us forward. My message to all of you is that software innovation is not just for computer science students and graduates. It's for everyone in this world. From my experience of computer programming, I have learned that computer programming is not a rocket science. It’s easy, doable and anyone can do it. 
Now I am going to refer back to a talk given by Raj Islam, he said, “Learn a little bit about a lot of things, find intersections". To innovate you don't need an in-depth knowledge of any particular discipline. You don’t have to be the best programmer or the best engineer in the world to innovate. You need to know a little bit but a lot of different things so that you can find connections between those disciplines and create something new out of it. So innovating is essentially finding intersections between existing disciplines. For example, Steve Jobs found the intersection between music and technology that eventually led to the birth of i-pod and we all know that i-pod revolutionized both technology and music industry as a whole and obviously Steve Jobs was not the best musician in the world and he was not the best engineer in the world but his knowledge of tech and music allowed him to find the connection and that may build something new that we almost every one of us use.
So, anyone can learn innovation. Innovation can be taught to a six-year-old.  As long as you know something about a lot of different things, you can innovate. So, if coding and innovating are doable by everyone in this world why it is we have fewer software innovators? I don't know the answer to that question but I can assure you of something that you can be a better software innovator that all of the ones you know already and you can build things far better than I can, even though I am a programmer. I will explain why with an example. Say, you are a doctor and I am an engineer. We both decide to build something for other doctors. So, when I build it, I have to go out and somehow interview doctors, find out information and knowledge about medical science to actually build the software. But for you, you just have to learn to programme. This means when you build something you will be revolutionizing it for your people and you will do it better than any software engineer can.  When all of us learn to code we can change every little thing we do and we can change the world. So that's why coding is important. When you build something you are essentially changing it not for yourself but for everyone. That's why I said solve your own problems because if you can solve your own problems you will be solving that problem for other people as well and that is the best thing about computer software.
There is a big misconception and that misconception is that you need to be really good at math or really good at English or something like that. You don't have to be the best in anything to code because coding due to the availability of resources is extremely easy to learn and I think that is what makes coding so amazing.
I joined Career Shiner, Noida's best Java industrial Training Institute and unleashed the hidden potential in me. The highly experienced trainers here will teach you to the best of their knowledge and I came out as a real software developer with flying colours. I strongly recommend you to join Career Shiner if this amazing world of computers amazes you.

At last but not the least, think about what you can do to build things that are going to solve our problems because if you learn to code you can change the world.


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